Lück GmbH & Co. KG

Ingenuity and high standards

Ever since its establishment back in 1976, Lück has been focused on one goal: Quality. And we have not lost sight of this goal. Our position as the leading manufacturer of filling materials and covers for bedding and upholstery and a supplier of high-quality pillows, mattresses, quilts, blankets, coverings and customized products is confirmation that this is the right strategy.

At Lück, the word “quality” does not just mean comfortable and durable products. A smooth sales process, reliable logistics and substantial investments in its own tool and machine construction have always been part of the company’s high demands of itself.

This also includes certifications attesting to the company’s compliance with internationally recognized standards – from quality management to environmentally and socially responsible operations. Of course, this also applies to the production facilities in Poland, Lithuania and especially China, where the entire operation was audited to BSCI standards.