Welcome to the EuroComfort Group!

We produce high-quality products for the bedding and furniture trade as well as the upholstery industry both at home and abroad. Our products are designed to guarantee comfort when sitting, reclining, and sleeping as well as optimal positioning of those in need of medical care. Our range now also includes complete items of furniture such as box-spring or upholstered beds and upholstered suites.

We can draw upon a unique, international network of knowledge, expertise, and experience through our collaboration with the Group’s subsidiary companies, Lück, Badenia Bettcomfort, Brinkhaus, Abeil, and Euroline.


Processing of textiles, knitted fabrics, synthetic and natural fibers, down and feathers, as well as foams of all conceivable varieties


We take a truly holistic approach to all our products: we care about every detail, from the outer covering to the inner filling


“Products whose quality you can rely on, products that establish confidence, and products which are tailored to the needs of the target group” – that’s our definition of brand


Our range comprises products for diverse markets and target groups