Inner values

We process textiles, knitted fabrics, synthetic and natural fibers, down and feathers as well as foams of all conceivable varieties for the following products; bedding, mattresses, bedroom furniture, box-spring beds, upholstered bed, upholstered elements, positioning pillows.

We fill and produce customized upholstered pillows as semi-finished goods for the upholstered furniture industry.
Numerous well-known upholstery furniture manufacturers use our upholstered pillows and upholstery materials for the interiors of their high-quality upholstered furniture. Our upholstered elements are also used for the interior finishing of motorhomes, yachts and ships.


The EuroComfort Group has a huge range of mattresses to suit all needs. These include everything from off-the-shelf mattresses for bulk buyers and premium mattresses to meet the most stringent demands to anti-bedsore mattresses for professional care of the sick and elderly.
Irisette® and Brinkhaus® mattresses offer sleeping comfort for the most demanding requirements and are developed based on findings from the latest sleep research and knowledge of healthy and restful sleep.

Badenia Trendline® is the brand for younger, more cost-conscious target groups.

In line with your needs.
Top quality. Top price.

Pillows and duvets

The EuroComfort Group produces a wide range of pillows and duvets. In addition to neck support pillows, side sleeper pillows, seat cushions, knee cushions and mattress covers, these also include various decorative and functional items, e.g., sofa and chair cushions.
The Irisette® pillows and duvets guarantee maximum comfort, first-class workmanship and only the very best materials.
Badenia Trendline® makes up the lower-priced segment and offers high-quality bedding for cost-conscious customers.


We also develop and produce functional convertible furniture for children and adults.
The smart and lightweight seating and bedroom furniture has no sharp edges, which makes them ideal for children to play and climb upon.
We not only produce upholstered furniture, we are also specialists in the manufacture of take-apart upholstered furniture, which is ideal for direct shipment and as an off-the-shelf solution.
The EuroComfort Group not only boasts exceptional expertise in the processing of foams, but also in the packaging and volume reduction of these materials.

Upholstered elements and furniture

We ensure sitting and reclining comfort for all types of high-quality upholstered furniture and upholstered elements.
Our upholstered interiors as semi-finished goods are used for a wide variety of applications.
Our products and knowledge can be found in many high-quality upholstered suites, in garden and patio furniture, and even in upholstered elements for the interior finishing of ships and yachts.

Decorative articles

We can also meet special wishes and requests for decorative articles and manufacture products such as decorative and soft cushions, customized cushions, and mats and other similar upholstered products. Our customers explain their ideas to us, and we develop and deliver the ideal solutions.

Medical products

EuroComfort develops, produces, and supplies special pillows, positioning pillows, quilts, duvets, mattresses, covers, blankets and pillow cases for the healthcare sector under its autonomously managed brand and sales organization “Rhombo Medical”.
The patented filling materials Rhombo-fill® and Rhombo-med® are the key to pressure-relieving and gentle positioning – and are not just ideal for those in need of medical care.